EMDR Testimonials

Prior to EMDR I had been in therapy for 15 years. I had read every recommended book concerning my issues. So, cognitively, I understood what happened in my past, and yet, situations that don't appear necessarily related continued to trigger unresolved emotions from my past in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Unknowingly and continually, I was pulled back to a time and place where I felt vulnerable and exposed. Although I was 650 miles and twenty years from my family of origin, I would still encounter the sights, smells songs, tones of voices, similar personalities of authority, etc. which made me feel like a helpless child who was trying to cope in an adult world without the tools that I needed. I lived in a constant state of emotional turmoil. Thanks to EMDR, I no longer see the world through the smoggy, clouded lenses of the past. The world now seems fresh and new to me instead of a constant reminder of past hurts and wounds. I am free at last! I never have to return to that place so long ago when I was a helpless, child without a voice. As a result, I am developing a voice. A voice that is funny, carefree and no longer fears repercussions from establishing firm boundaries. I am becoming an adult who can guard my own heart.

EMDR therapy is the best thing I have ever done for my health. Laurie looks at the whole person; she is practical and straightforward while providing me with invaluable resources to navigate issues with my children, parents, as well as self. I feel stronger and happier with fewer headaches. My head may have understood the emotional/psychological trauma, but my body still held the pain and screamed out for relief in the form of headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, cloudy, muddled thinking, depression, stagnation, procrastination. My body protested moving forward with life until these issues were resolved. Now, my body feels so relaxed and at peace. No longer do I feel the tension and knots in my stomach from the hyper vigilant state in which I lived. My thinking has become increasingly clearer and sharper as I unloaded all of the emotional baggage and clutter from the past that has weighed me down. I am free to become the person God meant for me to be. Through EMDR I can stand back and see the big picture as though I am an observer without the emotional ties.

Celeste B.

...Now I know that I can take ownership of my healing/treatment/life. Before, I felt like something was wrong with me and the way I handled my pain. Now I realize that I was using those outlets to heal; I no longer feel like I am copping out when I go to a protective mode.

I have had six EMDR sessions and have to say that for the first time, I feel in control of my life. I feel like I have a voice. Prior to EMDR, I was paralyzed with fear and anxiety. Now, I am free to live for the first time! I could have remained in traditional therapy for the rest of my life and never reached this state of understanding. Wish I had started treatment 30 years ago!

Terry L.

I realize that I continued to recycle unresolved issues from the past in present triggers or reminders. Tentacles from the past squeezed the happiness out of the present. In an effort to resolve the past, I was ruining my life in the here and now. Now, I can see the blessings I have right in front of me that I have been missing! My significant relationships have improved tremendously because I don't project or transfer or associate past hurts onto present situations or triggers. I can recognize patterns that have spun me around in a chaos for many years.

Alex R.

After his multi-car accident, my son experienced anxiety manifested alternately in crying or anger for no apparent reason, nightly insomnia, and fear of sleeping in his room alone. I felt at a loss to help him through the pain because, although he acknowledged that therapy might be beneficial, he refused to be part of any session; he didnít want to talk to anyone about the pain affecting him. As frustrating as this was for me, forcing therapy on him was not an option. When one of his close friendships ended, life became more than he could handle so he was introduced to EMDR and Laurie. The work he did in therapy using EMDR cleared the anxiety he has felt since his accident almost a year ago! Mentioning the accident does not create the physical pain and emotional drain in my son that it did prior to therapy. What a tremendous gift!

Sarah S.

It is an amazing relief to me that my EMDR sessions were so effective. A few years ago, I was in traditional therapy revisiting the same issues many times over and over but never acquired the level of well-being that I have gained now. I can pinpoint personal stress triggers and detach myself from the stress so I can deal with these triggers. Iíve begun to make sense of my layered relationship web (family, friends, and coworkers). The difficult coworker is no longer causing my stomach to clench; now, I am able to go through my day without giving another thought to this person. Same for my difficult parent. Nothing may have changed about the coworker or parent; however, my outlook has changed and I can cope and thrive! I highly recommend therapy with EMDR!

Jodi M.

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