Do I need help?

Do any of these very common problems plague you today? If so, let's talk about them.

  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anger or sadness and you cannot enjoy life anymore.
  • You used to be healthy, but now you are always feeling sick and find you are missing more and more time from work.
  • Your finances are out of control and you are worried about being able to pay the next month's rent or mortgage payment.
  • You cannot "get over" the death or loss of someone you loved very much.
  • There is too much conflict in your home life. You are afraid your relationship is going to break up.
  • You are drinking too much or using another type of drug which is interfering with your ability to function.

Stafford Community Counseling

My name is Laurie Barton, and I offer counseling services in Stafford, Virginia. If I am unable to answer, leave a message and I will return your call as quickly as possible. There is no charge for a phone consultation. I look forward to talking with you!